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7 Great Halloween Costume Ideas for Mamas-to-Be

Happy Halloween, mamas. If you’re rocking a bump this spooky season, we have a list of cute and crafty Halloween costume ideas for you. Whether you’re planning ahead or need a last-minute idea, here are some bump-friendly Halloween costumes for expectant mamas.

Halloween Costume Idea #1: Winnie the Pooh and Friends

A quick and easy costume that only requires a cute red t-shirt, a yellow skirt or dress, a pair of yellow bear ears and pooh’s rumbly tummy. It’s a fun and family-friendly choice if you’re planning a group costume, and if your little one already has some of pooh’s friends as toys, they can come along too!

Halloween Costume Idea #2: ‘Preggo’ Sauce Bottle

This is an adorable Halloween costume for pregnant women who love a good pun and a bowl of pasta. It’s also great for preggos who love to get crafty with their Halloween costumes. You’ll need a cute maternity-friendly red dress, some felt material and a glue gun. To add a little extra flair, throw on a brown beret to wear as the jar lid.

Halloween Costume Idea #3: An Avocado

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Another excellent idea for soon-to-be moms who love to get crafty. You’ll need a large board, trace the shape of your bump and cut the hole out for your ‘pit’, and then draw and cut your avocado shape. Add a brown top to finish your outfit, and boom. Pro tip: You can attach straps to the side so you won’t have to carry the costume around with you.

Halloween Costume Idea #4: A Gumball Machine

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This particular costume has been popular for the past few years, and for pregnant women with a growing bump, this is a cute and colorful DIY costume to get into.

Halloween Costume Idea #5: Mother Earth

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For the natural, motherly types, you’ll just need some blue and green face paint and a white, flat bed sheet to wrap around as a toga. Of course, you can also throw on a flower crown to bring out the inner goddess in you!

Halloween Costume Idea #6: A Devilled Egg

If you happen to have a pair of horns hanging around, this is an (over) easy costume to throw together. You’ll need a yellow top for the yolk, and a white egg-shaped board with a hole for the bump in the middle, and of course your devil horns and maybe a tail to season it off. 

Halloween Costume Idea #7: A Bun in the Oven

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And finally, why not go all out with the ultimate pregnant pun. This Halloween costume will need some extra work, but the payoff is worth it. Just grab an empty cardboard box and paint it silver, adding knobs and details for an oven. Then cut a square around the oven door and holes for your head and arms to poke through.

Mamas, are you dressing up your baby bump for Halloween? DM us your costumes on the ‘gram!

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