“The Lily and Llama pre-packed bag has everything you need!

Things I didn’t even think of because I’m a new mommy! And all the clothing is super soft and cozy, too!”

-Jessica Sutta (from the Pussycat Dolls)

                   “I absolutely loved my L+L bag! I had a stressful pregnancy and full time job which made prepping for he hospital just one more thing to worry about. This hospital bag crossed offa major item on my to-do list and gave me peace of mind to focus on the important things.

              That all being said, I loved all the products so much I use many still today. Everything is so soft, comfy, and practical! The robe and socks are perfect for those cold hospital rooms (plus the socks make great yoga socks for postpartum workouts!) And we loved the portable sound machine at the hospital, and now we take it with us everywhere.

I’d recommend this bag to every expecting mama! You’ll love every item and will use them for months to come.”

-Kaitlin Zahner


           “This hospital bag is the cutest thing ever! If you’re a first time mom like me, or you already have babies and just want the convenience of a well-packed hospital bag, this company is seriously the greatest thing ever. It comes in the cutest packaging, the bag is the perfect size and it literally has everything you could possibly need. This is seriously the greatest thing ever for expecting moms. Lily and Llama saved me. Highly recommend this product!!

-Paige Whiteley

                   “I absolutely LOVE my Lily and Llama pre-packed hospital bag!

It was a total lifesaver when I was pregnant with my second baby. The products are all high quality and I use all of them (including the comfy, cute clothes!) quite a bit. The tote bag is so beautiful and it’s the perfect size for weekend getaways.

I am so thankful that this bag was available to me. One less thing I had to worry about. 😊

-Ashley Thomas Buekers