Portable Sound Machine with Nightlight



The Lily and Llama Portable Sound Machine with Night Light is the perfect way to create a peaceful sleeping environment for your baby (and you!) at the hospital, at home, and on-the-go. This portable, rechargeable sound machine is designed to provide comfort and relaxation through 10 soothing sounds and lullabies. Sleep music, calming tones, and breathing lights can be adjusted according to your needs. The timer feature allows you to set a specific amount of time for sleep music or lullabies - giving you complete control over how long your baby sleeps for! In addition, the long playtime ensures that your little one is soothed with sound all night long. With this multi-functional device, you can help yourself and your baby get the best night’s rest possible.


 Measurements: 3.5" x 3.5" x 1.2"

 Colors: White and Grey



-Over 10 soothing sounds including white noise, nature and lullabies

-Portable / Rechargeable


-Breathing lights

-Timer feature



How to Use:

Turn On/Off, Play/Pause Operation. Long press to turn on. Short press to pause noise and re-start noise. Long press to turn off.

Volume Down/Previous Song Operation. Short press for previous song. Long press to reduce volume.

Volume Up/Next Song Operation. Short press once for next song. Long press and hold to increase volume.

Night Light Operation. Short press once to turn on long light mode. Short press twice to turn on breathing light mode. Short press three times to turn off light.

Timed Operation. Short press to select different times (15/30/60 minutes).

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