Hi! I’m Michelle, Founder of Lily and Llama.

When I was pregnant with my two babies, I wished there was an option to purchase a pre-packed hospital bag. With my first baby, I overpacked all the wrong stuff and didn’t bring enough of what I actually needed. Although my experience made me much more prepared for my second baby, it was still exhausting trying to pull it all together. I’ve had several expecting mama friends reach out to me on this very topic, so I know I’m not alone!

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing. But, it can also be overwhelming at times, with so much to prepare before little one’s arrival. It seems like your to-do-list of pre-delivery items never ends. Packing for the hospital is the LAST thing an expecting mama wants to focus her (low) energy on (am I right?). Between all the lists found online, it can also be a confusing process. As a mom of two toddler boys, I GET IT. I’ve been there.

This is why I’ve created the Lily and Llama pre-packed hospital bag… to help expecting mamas worry about one less thing, while feeling confident about bringing the RIGHT items to the hospital. Every item included in the bag(s) have been hand-picked by me based on many hours of research, feedback from other mamas, and my own personal experience. And, if it’s not included, don’t worry, there’s a checklist to make sure mama doesn’t leave anything behind (eh hem, phone charger!) before the big debut.

This baby prep bag is a game changer. Don’t leave home without it!