From the moment you find out you’re going to be a parent for the first time, your priority is keeping your baby safe. There are so many books, mom groups, and pieces of advice from in-laws that can overwhelm new parents – especially when it comes to the topic of safe sleep. It’s important for parents to be knowledgeable when it comes to the safest sleep practices for infants. Otherwise, anxieties around SIDS and suffocation can keep new parents from getting much-needed sleep! We’ve outlined the three most important safe sleep tips that every parent needs to know to feel confident about keeping their little one safe at night. 


Alone doesn’t just refer to the fact that babies shouldn’t be co-sleeping with adults or siblings. The biggest suffocation hazards are often items parents assume to be safe for infant sleep when they’re not. This includes stuffed animals, pillows, baby blankets, and mesh crib bumpers. While stuffed animals and blankies are cute for playtime, all of these items pose risks of interfering with a small baby’s breathing. When your baby is sleeping, the only thing in their crib should be a breathable fitted sheet


One of the most common questions we see from parents is, “My baby sleeps so much better on their tummy, is it okay to put them to sleep like this?” We know it’s tempting to fall into any habit that makes bedtime a little easier, but you should always place your baby on their back! If they happen to roll over onto their stomach by themselves in the middle of the night, you don’t need to flip them over, but this often scares new parents, especially when they see their little one with their face smushed into the mattress. That’s why we recommend investing in the 100% breathable Newton Crib Mattress. Both the cover and the core of this mattress are made from breathe-thru technology and babies can literally breathe right through it! 



Creating a safe nursery is essential for keeping your baby out of harm’s way. Whether you room share for the first few months or even a year, your baby needs to have a separate, firm sleep surface of their own for safe snoozing. While co-sleeping is normal for some cultures, it’s important to recognize the risks of suffocation and know that the AAP never recommends it. The main risk is that you may accidentally roll onto your little one while you’re sleeping or they may sink into your bed since most adult mattresses aren’t firm enough for infants. Instead, your baby should sleep in their own bassinet, crib, or pack n’ play. Whichever sleep space you choose, ensure that it meets current safety standards. Other things to consider when designing your nursery include anchoring all furniture, choosing cordless blinds, and ensuring there’s a smoke detector in your little one’s room. 

If you forget everything else the books say, just remember the ABCs of safe sleep – your baby should sleep alone, on their back, and in a crib for the first year of their life. Although the idea of being responsible for your baby’s life can be daunting, you’ve got this! Plus, there are so many great products that can help your baby sleep safer and provide you with peace of mind. With baby gear that prioritizes safety like monitors that connect to your phone and the fully breathable Newton Crib Mattress along with the right knowledge, you’re ready to help your baby sleep safely. 

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