“It takes a village to raise a child.” 

This proverb, ‘Oran a azu nwa’, originated with the Nigerian Igbo people. It means, “It takes a community (or village) to raise a child.” The baby shower is one of the first ways a community really comes together to support mama and her new baby. While typically hosted by a friend of the mama-to-be, the other people in your village can be included, like your partner, family, friends, congregation, and colleagues. 


However and whenever they are hosted, and whoever is invited, the purpose of the baby shower is the same: it is an event where the mama-to-be supported by her community in the form of a celebration and gifts for her and her new baby. Mama typically has a baby registry set up, and that registry information goes on the baby shower invitations. 

Michelle’s baby shower 

Lily and Llama and our founder Michelle know that mamas, we can’t do it all on our own. Well…we can, but we don’t have to! That’s why it’s important for Llama Mamas to lean on our community when celebrating life’s big moments. Like, having a baby. When it came time for Michelle’s own baby shower, one of her closest childhood friends, Meghan Alfonso (who…ahem…happens to be a party planner) organized and hosted the day.  

Michelle Conarty with her friend and baby shower hostess, Meghan Alfonso.

Meghan, how did you and Michelle meet and become friends?  

Michelle and I met in middle school in 8th grade. I switched schools at the start of middle school, so was still making new friends and finding my tribe. I remember she and I went on a field trip to the Scottsdale Police Department and we instantly clicked. From that year until now we have been best friends. We have traveled together, been in each other’s weddings, and will drop anything for one another. I am grateful for Sabio Canyon at Desert Canyon Middle school for bringing us together. 

So, for Michelle’s baby shower… 

It was classy, simple, and a little bohemian. We decorated with gold bunting, over-sized white balloons, and eucalyptus. Oh, and the flowers were baby’s breath. Ha! I had to. We set up a sweets station with doughnuts and brownies. For games, the ladies decorated onesies and bibs for baby Aiden.  

It’s really a day all about mama, so we gave Michelle a seat of honor. We decorated a boho-chic chair with more of the eucalyptus for her to sit and relax in. We made a flower crown using green foliage and baby’s breath. It was important that Michelle felt pampered and like the pregnant goddess she was.  

What do I need to think about for my baby shower? 

So, my event planning company, Girl About Town, really focuses on bachelor and bachelorette parties. But it wasn’t too far of a stretch to take what I do and translate it into a baby shower. These days, we want a charming tablescape, cute and yummy bites, sweet flowers, and games. Serve bubbles for the non-pregnant guests, and make sure there is a booze-free drink for mama. Because she still wants to celebrate! And, there could be other guests who might not want to imbibe, too. 


And get creative. I am based in Scottsdale, Arizona. In this market, we just started offering picnics. This could be a super fun baby shower idea. As long as mama is comfortable and happy and feels like a queen, that’s what matters.

So, a little bit more about Meghan. 

Meghan is the founder and CEO of Girl About Town, a bachelorette and bachelor party planning service based in Scottsdale, Arizona with branches in Denver, Oklahoma City, Louisiana (New Orleans and Baton Rouge), and Tucson. In her home market of Scottsdale, Arizona, she offers picnics and vacation rental support. If you are traveling to the Scottsdale area, she will pack your fridge and even secure and place items like a baby crib in your rental home for ya.


The baby shower is just the first event in your baby’s development where, mama, your community really comes together. When it’s time for baby to come, whether it’s meal support, holding the baby, or just a good laugh, you are really gonna want to lean on your community.  


Mamas, Lily and Llama is committed to being part of your community, too. Please comment and share all of your mamahood hopes, dreams, questions, and concerns. We know how important community is, and we want to be a part of yours.  


April 21, 2021 — Michelle Conarty
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