Look at you, expectant mama! You’re a true force of nature about to bless the world with the precious little one growing within you. For almost nine months you’ve watched and felt your child grow as your wardrobe has, right along with you, literally changed in size and shape.

But, now it’s almost time for the baby to make his or her grand appearance, and you must start planning for what comes next! But what comes next? Why, figuring out what to wear after giving birth in a hospital, of course!


It’s not just your baby who’ll need special items and clothes after you give birth, mama. You’re going to need a lot of stuff, too! As you swaddle, nurse, and shower your love on the newest addition to your family, you’ll want to be as comfortable as possible. You’ve played your part; even though there’s so much more to do, it’s time for you to be pampered! Read on to learn what to wear home from the hospital and during your stay.

Stretchy/loose-fitting maternity clothes

Everybody is different, and every body is different. Still, you may find that the pants that fit you the best, and that you feel the most comfortable in, are the elastic-band maternity pants you wore in your second trimester. Your body has been through a lot, so take care of her! And, when you’re ready to depart the hospital, a loose maxi dress like this one is just what you need to be comfortable and fashionable at the same time.

Postpartum underwear

You’re going to want to have special disposable postpartum underwear after giving birth in hospital. Why? Well, you’re still likely to bleed a bit or leak other fluids after the big day. Rather than ruin the good undies you have… it’s better just to toss postpartum ones when done. That being said, just because you’re going to throw them out doesn’t mean they have to be ugly; get yourself some pretty postpartum underwear!

Nursing bra

Normal bras aren’t exactly made for comfort or accessibility, are they? That’s why a nursing bra needs to be on the list of what to wear after giving birth in a hospital. A nursing bra offers support for engorged breasts and easy access for your baby. It’s discreet, easily fitting into any postpartum hospital outfit. It will serve you well once you’re back in more familiar surroundings, and also when out and about with your little one.


Since you may be spending the first few nights after you give birth in your hospital room, it’s important that your sleep clothes are as comfortable as can be. We’re talking about a warm, high-quality nightgown that will help keep you comfy in bed but is also easy to open up for feeding and any examinations. You may have nightnon-slip sandalsgowns at home, but get yourself a special button-up nightgown for new moms.


Now switching the topic to footwear, some good, sandals are what you need to wear in the hospital after giving birth. These protect your feet in the bathroom –– and everywhere else! Regular shoes won’t be of use to you, and they’re all dirty anyway. A reliable pair of sandals that you can easily slip into and out of will make a world of difference as you recover and get ready to return home with your bundle of joy.

Non-slip socks

You might think that if you’re wearing sandals in the hospital, you don’t need socks. You absolutely do! The truth is, both can come in handy for you. Non-slip socks are a good alternative to sandals from time to time, especially at night. Hospital floors can be cold and slippery, and non-slip socks can help you keep your footing and your feet warm.


When stocking up on what to wear at home after giving birth, don’t forget about a soft and cozy robe. Hospitals can be chilly, and a super-soft robe can help warm you up before you leave. Once you return home, there’s no need to worry about choosing what to wear; that same robe can take the place of so many other clothes! You can also wrap it around your baby while nursing, providing comfort and warmth to you both as you feed and bond.


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April 11, 2022 — Michelle Conarty