The end of your third trimester is an exciting time –– your baby is coming soon! With your due date looming in the near future, you may be anxious about deciding what to pack in your hospital bag for birth. 

To ease the unwanted stress of knowing what to pack in a hospital bag, we created this hospital bag checklist for expectant mothers. Read on to see the Ultimate Hospital Bag Checklist for Moms.


We’ve divided this hospital bag checklist into two sections: what to pack for Mom and what to pack for Baby. After the ultimate checklist, we’ll also provide a minimal hospital bag checklist and outline items the hospital will provide that you won’t need to pack.

There’s no need to stress about packing your hospital bag. We’re going to take it step-by-step, so you can ensure you have everything you need for labor and delivery. 

What To Pack in a Hospital Bag for Mom

Moms everywhere worry about forgetting something they will need in their hospital bag for labor and delivery. Not anymore! Read on to learn the must-haves for your hospital diaper bag.

  • Shower towel. Hospital shower towels are not typically the softest or most absorbent towels out there. It’s a great idea to bring your own from home instead for a more comfortable experience.
  • Toiletry kit. In your toiletry kit, you will want to include anything you might want or need for personal care, such as shampoo, conditioner, a toothbrush and toothpaste, body wash, a loofa, mouthwash, deodorant, cleansing facial wipes, lotion, a nail file, a comb, shaving cream, a razor, and more.
  • Nipple covers. Insert soft nipple covers into your bra to help prevent breast milk leakage and odor.
  • Hospital mug. An insulated hospital mug will help ensure you stay properly hydrated. This can also be used once you’re home from the hospital to continue focusing on hydration.
  • Non-slip socks. Keep your feet warm and comfortable while walking on that cold hospital tile. Non-slip socks are essential to prevent accidental falls.
  • Hair ties. Hair ties are often forgotten when expectant mothers are packing their hospital bags. You’ll be glad you packed a couple when you want to get your hair off of your neck.
  • Nursing cover. A nursing cover is perfect for inside and outside of the hospital. Maintain privacy while feeding your new baby with a cute nursing cover.
  • Maxi dress. You will want to be comfortable on your way home from the hospital. Why not be stylish too? A maxi dress is the ultimate clothing item for both comfort and style.
  • Bathrobe. Relax after labor and delivery by wrapping yourself in a super soft and breathable bathrobe. We promise you will be thankful you packed this! 
  • Nightgown. Wearing a warm cotton nightgown will help you get some well-deserved rest after delivery. 
  • Nursing bra. A nursing bra with detachable straps is convenient and cozy for breastfeeding your newborn. You will want to wear this stretchy and discreet undergarment for maximum comfort.
  • Sandals. Protect your feet in the hospital shower and while walking around your room with a pair of rubber sandals.
  • Postpartum underwear. No hospital bag checklist is complete without postpartum underwear. Discreet postpartum underwear will ensure you feel protected against incontinence after birth.
  • Cold packs. Cold packs are great for instant cooling relief after birth whether vaginal or c-section.
  • Your birth plan. If you have created a birth plan, it’s a good idea to bring a couple of copies to the hospital room. You can give them to your labor nurses or even hang one up. 
  • Long phone charging cord. If you can, purchase an extra-long phone charging cable to use in the hospital bed. Outlets may not be close enough to plug in your phone and use it simultaneously.
  • Snacks. Bringing a couple of healthy snacks such as dried fruit, granola bars, or pretzels can ease your appetite during your stay. 
  • Gatorade. You might consider bringing an electrolyte drink such as Gatorade to stay hydrated before and after delivery.


What To Pack in a Hospital Bag for Baby

Now we’re going to discuss what you will need to bring for your baby in your hospital bag. Pack these essentials on this hospital bag checklist to be prepared.

  • Receiving muslin blanket. Keep your newborn warm and cozy in a receiving muslin blanket. 
  • White noise machine. A portable white noise machine will help your baby sleep in the hospital and at home. This will help make the transition to home easier, too.
  • Velcro swaddle. A velcro swaddle will keep your baby snug as a bug to sleep comfortably.
  • Newborn onesie. Your baby will need a newborn onesie to wear once out of the womb. Bring your baby a special onesie as their first-ever outfit!
  • Pacifier. Remember to bring a pacifier for your baby to use when he or she needs a distraction.



Some expectant mothers may want to bring only the essentials for their short stay in the hospital for labor and delivery. That’s when a minimal hospital bag checklist like this one comes in handy! Read on to learn what you should pack in your hospital diaper bag if you want to keep things light.

  • Shower towel
  • Toiletry kit
  • White noise machine
  • Nipple covers
  • Onesie
  • Velcro swaddle
  • Pacifier
  • Hospital mug
  • Non-slip socks
  • Hair ties
  • Nursing cover
  • Receiving muslin blanket


Besides bringing joy and excitement to the hospital, these are the essentials to pack in a minimalist hospital bag. Let’s next move on to what not to pack in your bag and why. 


Preparation is key, but there are items that you don’t need to worry about loading your hospital with. Here are some items you shouldn’t bother packing in your hospital bag. These include:

  • Diapers and wipes. There is no need to bring diapers and wipes for your newborn. The hospital will provide all the diapers and wipes you need!
  • Breast pump. The hospitals will have high-grade breast pumps for new moms, so you don’t need to bring your own. 
  • Dressy clothes for Mom. Think about what’s going to be most comfortable when packing an outfit or two for yourself. A few lounge sets or your favorite sweatpants will suffice.
  • Baby formula. An abundance of baby formula will be provided to you by the hospital staff if you will not be breastfeeding. 
  • Tons of baby clothes. You don’t need to overdo it on baby clothes. A couple of onesies should suffice.


That’s a wrap, gals. We hope you found this hospital diaper bag checklist to be extremely helpful. If this sounds like too much to do, Lily + Llama has a solution for you!


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July 18, 2022 — Michelle Conarty