Lily and Llama founder Michelle Conarty takes some time to talk about one of her favorite items featured in our pre-packed hospital bag: the white noise machine.

We know that the best self-care for mamas is sleep. Helping baby get some z’s, helps mama get hers. That’s where the white noise machine comes in.

White noise creates an atmosphere for your baby so that he or she can sleep soundly. It does that by creating a decibel level and noise similar to what a baby hears in the womb. Not only does this baby put out white noise, but it plays some gentle and sweet lullabies as well. It doubles as a night light and is portable and has different time settings, too. Win, win, win.

Mama, put on some white noise when you put your baby to sleep. And then, get some rest yourself. You deserve it.

The white noise machine comes in both of the Lily and Llama Mom + Baby pre-packed hospital bag bundles, as well as the Lily and Llama Just for Baby bundle. Curious about other products in the Lily and Llama pre-packed hospital bags? Check out our previous product highlights: The Bag itself and the Itzy Ritzy Llama paci.


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June 04, 2021 — Michelle Conarty