Go ahead, mama. Take care of yourself.

Lily and Llama knows how hard it is to squeeze in some mama self-care. This is true whether you are an expecting mama, a new mama, or you already have a kiddo or kiddos at home.

Whether you take five for a meditation, have a Sunday morning mimosa, or meet friends for a mom date, finding those minutes to take care of yourself matters. 

Even though we all know how important self-care is, this Good Housekeeping article we found says that 78% of moms put their family’s health over their own. Isn’t that figure wild?  

Mama self-care with Mother Figure AZ. 

Speaking of figures, meet our friend Madison of Mother Figure AZ. Mother Figure AZ is a woman’s single source for pre- and post-natal exercise and education, run by Madison Pinebird. We met Madison the old-fashioned way (on Instagram!) and made a date for us and a few friends for a mama self-care sesh. 

Working on our mama self-care and fitness with Madison Pinebird of Mother Figure AZ.

Sometimes Lily and Llama founder Michelle spends her Sundays at the park or hiking with the fam, or at brunch with the gals. This week, she joined eight other mamas for a mama- and mama-to-be-friendly Mother Figure AZ workout. With only so many days left before summer, getting outside, working up a sweat, and meeting new friends and familiar faces filled our gas tanks for the week to come.

Madison hosted us in her backyard for some Sunday morning fitness and kept us motivated through a 45-minute routine. We had such a blast, we wanted to share the full pre/postnatal routine that Madison took us through with you. You can find it here, on Instagram Reels. (PS, mamas, be sure to check with your doctor first before you begin any exercise program.)

Mama self-care means putting that oxygen mask on first.

When you get on an airplane, the pilot tells you to, in case of an emergency, put your own oxygen mask on first. Right? Well, we think it’s no different in life. We believe that mamas, you can have it all. The way we’ve found to do this is to take care of ourselves first. Whether it’s a workout or a walk in the park, mama, try to take the time for yourself. You deserve it.

We wanna hear what you do for self-care, mamas.

Seriously! We get by with a little help from our friends. So please, tell us about ways that you take care of yourself. Oh, and speaking of friends, a special shout out to our friend Caroline for making the connection with Madison. We are pumped to have Madison in the Lily and Llama Mama community! 

May 16, 2021 — Michelle Conarty
Tags: Self Care